Wednesday, January 11, 2017

PC and Mac Computer Speed Quick Fixes | Free Tips on How to Make Your Computer Run & Boot Faster

Boost Your Microsoft Windows Computer's Speed - Free Tips

Is there anything more frustrating than a slow computer or waiting for a computer to respond?

Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to boost your aging computer's speed. 

These fixes generally take 10-15 minutes each and are not extremely complicated to perform.  

If you feel more comfortable having a computer expert perform these tasks, please contact us.  Let us save you your valuable time to optimize your PC or Mac for you.  

If you choose to fix your PC or Laptop on your own, make sure you backup your most prized pictures, music and documents and create a restore point in Microsoft Windows in case anything goes wrong.

  • Limit The Number of Startup Programs When Your Computer Powers On

Don't run too many programs at once and don't let them start on their own unless you use them often. You may also want to limit the number of Internet Explorer add-ons and Google Chrome extensions that will slow your browser opening time and hold back your browsing. Try to reboot your computer every couple days.

  • Free Up Hard Drive Space From Your PC Or Mac

The more free disk space you have on your hard drive the better. Whether you have a PC or Mac. Backup any old files to a disk key drive or a portable disk drive and uninstall any unused software. Clean out your internet browser caches.

  • Download a Software Memory Optimizer

This is a software solution to free up memory by terminating needlessly running background tasks. We recommend and use Wise Memory Optimizer which comes with Wise Care 365. With one click of a button it can free up a lot of used memory.

  • Add Computer Memory -- Physical Hard Memory or RAM

The more memory your computer has the faster your PC computer will run.  Memory is extremely cheap these days and well worth the investment as opposed to buying a brand new computer.

  • Reboot Your Computer As Often As Possible

Rebooting is sometimes a big hassle, no one likes to close every program and restart their computer but this will give you a clean slate for your computer and a fresh computing environment to work with.  If possible, shut down your computer at night.  You'll wake up every morning with a fresh system and save money on electricity.

  • Run a Malicious Software Scan On Your Computer

I recommend using the free version of MalwareBytes Anti-Malware program to remove malicious software and tool bars installed for malicious and money making intentions. These programs are knows to be computer system hogs.  There is also a new type of malware called ransom-ware that will allege you have illegal software or illegal pictures on your PC and will threaten to report you to the FBI or other authorities unless you pay them off,  These are scams.  Don't fall for them.  Run a malware scanner at weekly especially if you do a lot of software downloading or have children who use your computer.

  • Run a Scan Disk and Disk Defragmenter On Your Computer

These will check your hard drive for errors and defragment your drive which means it will put all of your related software and files closer to each other on your computer's hard drive so it can access the files faster. You can use a freeware version of Wise Care 365 to accomplish this or use the version that come installed with Windows. Wise Care 365 or similar software removes registry errors, defragments your registry and hard drive, frees up computer memory resources on demand and much more.

  • Run a Virus Scan On Your Computer

Especially if you have a child using your computer. There is a free version of the AVS antivirus software you can download and run.  The last thing you want is for your computer with all of your important files to get a virus.

  • Remove The Google Toolbar Or Other Toolbars From Your Internet Browser

The Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome will slow down your browser's opening time and also slow you down when opening new tabs or new windows.  Only keep a few tabs open at a time as each one will use up valuable system memory.  Facebook has reported that the Ask toolbar in particular contains malicious software that will make unseen changes to your computer's system. Another trick, remove any IE, Firefox or Chrome add-ons or extensions you do not use frequently.  In fact, Google Chrome, once a speed demon is now considered a slow memory hog.

  • Remove Unneeded Shortcuts From Your Computer's Desktop

This may make for a faster start-up time for your computer.

We recommend using freeware and shareware like CCleaner, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and Wise Care 365 to keep your PC clean and optimized. There are both free and paid versions of MalwareBytes and Wise Care you can download and use on a trial basis.

We would love to hear your feedback and would love to help fix your computer.

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